Hope you are having a great summer. At Ayuvia we are!

Ayuvia is a preferred integrator of Complementary and Alternative modalities, to manage symptoms & improve quality of life.
Ayuvia offers comprehensive, affordable services within a clinically aligned framework

We serve our community in two ways :-

Coordinated Chronic Care:
We work very closely with Health Networks and Medical Providers to deliver an integrative solution to the community.
We accept referrals, work with insurance and share progress reporting with all referring providers.
Our key areas of focus are Pain Management, Chronic Symptom Management, and Women's Health solutions.

Executive Wellness:
We partner with Small Business Owners and Corporate Executives to minimize impacts of stress and schedule constraints.
Ayuvia’s program is designed to assess stressors, prioritize health goals and customize wellness plans to best achieve and retain optimal health. We offer special programs for Smoking Cessation and Weight Management as well.

In TWO simple steps you can get started on a Wellness program Customized just for you.

(1) Select a plan
Ayu Recharge - One Time Customized Combo of Treatments, Therapies and Consults to jump start your wellness journey!

Ayu Membership
– On Going Monthly Therapies or Treatments of your choice to manage chronic challenges.

(2) Mix and match therapies and consults
Acupuncture: Manage your stress levels with a clinical Acupuncture from our Acupuncturist. Acupuncture has been shown to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety, promote concentration/focus and boost immunity.

: Eliminate workplace fatigue with an invigorating Clinical Massage. Address a stiff neck, aching wrists or tired shoulders. Lessen muscle tension and return energized.

:   With an exclusive one on one session learn to make attainable behavioral modifications to eliminate cravings and increase your energy.

I will follow up with you next week to set up your complementary consult and get you started on your wellness journey.

Wellness Team
Ayuvia Integrative Wellness Center

500 Evergreen Drive, St 22

Glen Mills, PA 19342
Crozer Medical Center @Brinton Lake
Phone: 610-358-8822
Fax: 610-880-8988

Our commitment to all our visitors:

AYUVIA is a place where the will to change is rewarded with wellness. By exploring you enhance your quality of living. You pave the path. You discover new ways to define well being. You leave feeling better than you did when you checked in. With access to all the things that you have wanted to try, you develop priorities you never had. You begin to value health, not by the past, but how you feel. This is when you heal.
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