Welcome to Health Via Art. With your participation this year we can make a real difference in children's awareness of Health and Wellness.

Series of events, shows and award ceremonies will span the entire 2015-2016 school year. more information at www.ayuvia.com/health-via-art

Lets create a fun dialogue about health between parents, teachers and the children via this contest.

  • Healthie Selfie: Add a space after "or" and before "family" It really should read: Show us a selfie of you with your friends or family, at home or at school, doing something healthy - walking, playing a sport, cooking, or working in a kitchen garden.
  • Juice Splash: Create an abstract art project using multiple colors, juices, or smoothies.
  • Color Me Healthy: Create an image or word using raw or cooked fruits, nuts, seeds, or vegetables.
  • Healthy Word Art: Create an art project that depicts good health by using words, phrases, or quotes.

Follow these guidelines to make sure the photos submitted are of the highest quality and display the artwork in the best possible way.

For three-dimensional artwork, use a piece of white matboard as a background to eliminate distraction behind the piece. Take the photo from a view at or just above eye-level.

For two-dimensional artwork, stand directly in front of the artwork and take the photo at eye level (if placed on a wall) or directly over it (if placed at floor-level). Check the edges of the artwork to make sure they are straight with the camera’s frame, not slanting forward or back, which may distort the artwork.

Make sure there are no unnecessary shadows cast on the artwork.qInformation required during upload::

Save your art in Png or Jpeg format. For detailed Rules please visit http://ayuvia.com/hva-terms
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Ayuvia Liability Affirmation: I agree that all information provided here is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have read Health Via Art Terms and Conditions in its entirety and this upload is in compliance. I give permission to Ayuvia the use of school name and artwork submitted for contest with judging panels, display in art shows, share in press releases and promote in social media. I am authorized to upload this Art in Ayuvia Health Via Art Contest Terms:http://ayuvia.com/health-via-art