Whether you're trying to lose 5 pounds or 50, it’s important to understand your weight loss challenges.

Do these sound familiar?

"I will do it on my own"
"I’ve failed in the past, and this time will probably end the same way"
"I cant' give up bread or sugar"
"I eat for comfort when I am stressed"

The longer you have struggled the harder it is to get started again! Also, it can get expensive.

This is a limited edition invitation to join Ayuvia's Unlimited Health Program.  

This summertime program makes weight management easy and affordable to everyone. It is not about calories and inches, but making the right choices.  We will create a plan just for you, taking into consideration all your challenges in the past.

Our 4 month program for just $44 a month gives you unlimited health coaching and nutrition consults, digital tracking, meal plans – whatever you need! 

Simply reply to this email with the best number to reach you!  

Limited slots available - REPLY NOW to save your spot.

Unleash the possibilities this summer.  



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Crozer Medical Center @Brinton Lake
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Our commitment to all our visitors:
AYUVIA is a place where the will to change is rewarded with wellness. By exploring you enhance your quality of living. You pave the path. You discover new ways to define well being. You leave feeling better than you did when you checked in. With access to all the things that you have wanted to try, you develop priorities you never had. You begin to value health, not by the past, but how you feel. This is when you heal.
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