Payment Flexibility
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Ayuvia is now accepting insurance and will also be pre-authorizing for convenience. We support out-of-network billing, and a referral is not mandatory.

Single Introductory Referral based Consult: $69

Get started with one of our practitioners for a twenty five minute session to explore any one of our modalities and how it can help you. You can select Nutrition, Acupuncture, Clinical Massage or a session with our Therapist.

Manage and Maintain Packages
We have a large selection of plans that can be customized based on the nature of your need and budget. During your initial consult, our practitioners will review and create a plan that you are comfortable with.

Personalized Therapies
We also have a wide variety of Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation related therapies. We are adding new programs based on your feedback and needs. During your initial consult, you will have the option to incorporate these into your customized plan as well.