Hypnotherapy - A Media Exclusive
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Hypnosis - what is the first thought that comes to mind? 

Woody Allen in “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion”? Or Edward Norton in “Illusionist”?

But did you know - one could overcome phobias or quit smoking with Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Individuals have strange and preconceived notions about hypnosis, mostly stemming from stage performers and the entertainment industry. A show makes for dramatic display of domination, manipulation and control of someone else’s mind and will. Historically, hypnosis dates back to documented references in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. There exists a parallel thread in the history of hypnosis in healing and stage performance. The myths trail each path across centuries, continents and countries.

I would like to share some common myths below that get in the way of an individual selecting this therapy for health benefits.

Hypnosis is Sleep: The word Hypno in its Greek origin means sleep. There is a common belief that someone hypnotized is asleep or unconscious. However, contrary to this belief, during hypnosis one is completely awake and aware.

Smart people or people with high IQ cannot be hypnotized. Another widespread myth is those with a weaker mind can be easily hypnotized compared to those with high IQs. What really works well in the process is willingness.

Hypnosis is a truth serum: It is not a lie detector test. It actually is not admissible in court. Most importantly hypnosis cannot force anyone to tell the truth or confess.

You can get stuck in the state of a trance: A trance is defined as a state of daze or stupor. During Hypnosis however, an individual is fully conscious. They have full control to do anything and understanding clearly what is going on. It is not possible for someone to be stuck in a trance during an Hypnosis session. In fact most have a heightened sense of awareness during a session.

A hypnotist has super powers or that hypnosis is supernatural. Hypnosis is not magic. It is perfectly normal and rational. Hypnotism is more of a guide in the journey of making mindful changes. A clinical hypnotherapist, unlike a stage performer is clinically trained to heal. There is a huge gap between the clinical practice and stage hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy clinically can help individuals identify root causes behind certain conditions and develop paths to guiding the mind into healing the body.

We would love to do an in depth feature on the myths surrounding Hypnosis and health benefits associated with Hypnotherapy. We believe your readers would benefit tremendously in leveraging this modality for better health outcomes as they learn in details about the safety and efficacy of this modality.

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