Hypnotherapy - A Media Exclusive
Hypnosis - what is the first thought that comes to mind? 

Woody Allen in “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion”? Or Edward Norton in “Illusionist”?

But did you know - one could overcome phobias or quit smoking with Clinical Hypnotherapy?

The portrayals of hypnosis in the entertainment and media industries have contributed to a wide misunderstanding of the true nature of hypnosis.

Common beliefs like the following are simply not true!
* You can be hypnotized to do things against your will
* A person can get stuck in a trance forever
* Intelligent people can’t be hypnotized
* Hypnosis is contrary to religious beliefs

How would you like to bust the Myths with a feature on "Hypnotherapy and Health"?

What if you could create an exclusive experiential feature in partnership with Ayuvia? 

Call us @610-358-8822 if this would intrigue your audience.

Personally interested in learning more?

Join us at our Myth Busting Open House on Feb 20th 2017 @ 4PM

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Our commitment to the community
AYUVIA is a place where the will to change is rewarded with wellness. By exploring you enhance your quality of living. You pave the path. You discover new ways to define well being. You leave feeling better than you did when you checked in. With access to all the things that you have wanted to try, you develop priorities you never had. You begin to value health, not by the past, but how you feel. This is when you heal.

About Us
We are the leading provider of community focused Integrative Wellness located in Brinton Lake, PA at the Crozer Keystone Medical Plaza. In a fragmented and compartmentalized Health Care space we are the first in-market unifier of all Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Our vision it to empower members of the community with the necessary education to make the right decisions about their health at all times. Our mission is to move each individual on a continuum, away from illness towards wellness at any given point of time. Our services have been evaluated, enhanced, and endorsed by some of the most respected in the Wellness, Health Care and Pharmaceutical industry to meet this very need in an affordable and reliable way.

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