Health Via Art Contest is designed for children to express Health and Wellness.

Health Via Art takes
Wednesday Wheel of Wellness Global

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Ayuvia LLC based out of Pennsylvania, USA, is conducting a PILOT study globally to assess impact of creativity and incentives on health related behavioral modifications in children below 10.

This study helps parents and teachers help children learn healthy habits with a SCORING quiz taken over a five week period. The answers are a simple Yes for success.

The quiz focuses on Environmental, Social, Emotional and Physical aspects of Health and Wellness, improving children’s habits over the course of five weeks.

The Quiz Sheets will be handed out to students every Tuesday to be complete and returned to Teachers every Wednesday.

Every question with "Yes" response will score 5 Points.  Maximum SCORE = 20 points per week with a total of 100 points over Five weeks.

HONESTY  is a MUST in answering the quiz!

All students scoring 75 or more, can take a selfie and submit to be featured on our US Website and Facebook page.

They will also receive Ayuvia branded “surPrizes”