We are launching Ayu Pro just for you.

Combine Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture to 
* Sleep better
* Quit smoking
* Lose weight
* Manage stress

Ayu Pro is working very well!
It can for you too!
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April 18th 4 PM - 5PM:

Manage Pain & Elevate Energy with Acupuncture:
Explore alternatives in managing your pain as you enjoy the outdoors this spring. Bike, Hike, Run or Walk - Pain Free. Avoid surgery. Reduce pain killers.

Apr 24th 2017 4PM - 5 PM
Homeopathic Remedies for Seasonal Allergy: Homeopathy is the second most commonly used medicine in the world. It is a gentle and safe, yet powerful form of healing. Homeopathy treats the individual, not the disease, and a well-chosen remedy can help stimulate vitality and health. Join us to learn more

May 4th 2017 4PM - 5PM:
21 Ways in 21 Days with Farm Fresh Food
When trying to lose 5 pounds or 50 -the challenges are the same! Learn more about long-term weight management rather than short-term extreme weight reduction through our 21 Ways in 21 Days.

May 17th 2017 4PM - 5PM:
Stress Release with Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis predates modern day stress by a few centuries, but this age-old attention-focusing technique has yet to be embraced wholeheartedly as an effective stress management strategy. Join us to find out how it works best! Learn about celebrities who benefitted from Hypnosis.

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Our commitment to all our visitors:

AYUVIA is a place where the will to change is rewarded with wellness. By exploring you enhance your quality of living. You pave the path. You discover new ways to define well being. You leave feeling better than you did when you checked in. With access to all the things that you have wanted to try, you develop priorities you never had. You begin to value health, not by the past, but how you feel. This is when you heal.
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