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6 reasons to Try Tai Chi this year

Ever see those people in the park moving real slow? That's Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient practice that provides gentle, progressive exercise for people of all skill levels.

Here is why you should consider adding tai chi to your fitness routine in 2015.

1) The difficulty can be adjusted according to your fitness level. Those with beginning level fitness can keep their feet close together during the routine. As your strength and balance improve, you can increase the intensity by widening your stance and moving more slowly.

2) In addition to physical exercise, tai chi is also a meditation. By learning tai chi, you can increase mental focus, body awareness, and learn how to reduce anxiety. This is accomplished by recognizing your breathing pattern, and learning how to respond appropriately.

3) No equipment necessary! All you need to practice tai chi is loose, comfortable clothing. If time and space are limited, you can adjust the movements to accommodate the time and space available.

4) According to the Mayo Clinic, tai chi may have the following health benefits:
better quality of sleep,
enhanced immune system,
lower cholesterol and blood pressure,
reduced joint pain,
improved symptoms of congestive heart failure,
and reduced risk of falls in older adults.

5) Tai chi is a practice that can easily last your entire lifetime. Because of the gentle, and relaxed nature of the movements, tai chi is appropriate for everyone at all ages and skill levels!

6) Finally, because we have beginner tai chi classes at Ayuvia!  <<-- view our class schedule here.  
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