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Our Thoughts on Resolutions


Resolutions fail… yes, we said it.  Every year, people set out with these grand resolutions for the new year.  “New Year, new me.”  “ THIS is the year for a better body and a better mind and more money. “ Even writing that statement out made me stressed out.  While it’s great to give yourself a fresh start, to want to better you as a whole, 92% of resolutions fail. For about half of that 92%, those resolutions are dropped by the end of January. 

Resolutions make us feel good, like there is a fresh start going forward. You can plan and prep but still fail.  So how do you make these resolutions really stick?

First, drop the word resolution.  Turn them into goals.  Focus on one month at a time or one week at a time instead of the full year.  Looking at a full year ahead is way too overwhelming for one person to think about.  If you cut them down to looking at the short term, these goals become more achievable!

Be realistic.  If you know for the last 12 years that you haven’t made it to the gym every day, don’t be crazy and say you are doing that again.  Start off with a small goal and build up from that.

Build a support system. Whether it’s a buddy or a family member or a group setting, find someone to hold you accountable and to walk you through your goals.  At Ayuvia we are now offering classes and programs designed to help you succeed.  We will tailor these to your end goal and be your support to a successful year.

Join us on January 19 for our Resolve Program Open House to learn more about Ayuvia and our programs and get on the right track for 2015!


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