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Blood Sugar Levels - What is "Normal"

Let's start by saying that throughout the day, a person's blood sugar levels change. Let's also start by saying, that one person's blood sugar can and will be different from his or her neighbors. These levels change based on what you eat, when you have eaten, a personal's individual make up, and physical activity.

After a person eats a regular meal (around 2 hours), his or her blood sugar should be less than 140 mg/dL, according to WebMD. Fasting for the doctors? Levels will be 100mg/dL. If a person is consistent with eating a regular, healthy diet, blood sugar levels will remain lower. Blood sugar levels above these points on a consistent basis are considered to be in a diabetic state. {Please note that there are other factors that go into a diabetic diagnosis.}

Those blood sugar spikes pre and post meals and snacks are what cause those dips and peaks in your energy levels which in turn cause cravings and hunger or mood swings.  So if you just had that piece of candy or your 3rd chocolate chip cookie and you are feeling giddy or crabby, it could be your blood sugar levels. 

Stay tuned for classes coming up with Ayuvia on how to combat your blood sugar spikes and dips and keeping your blood sugar levels consistent and "normal"!