About Us

We are the leading provider of community focused Integrative Wellness located in Brinton Lake, PA at the Crozer Keystone Medical Plaza. In a fragmented and compartmentalized Health Care space we are the first in-market unifier of all Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

We are doing this while developing and maintaining a robust bridge to conventional care.

We are working very closely with Health Networks and Medical Providers to deliver an integrative solution to the community.

Our vision it to empower members of the community with the necessary education to make the right decisions about their health at all times.


Our mission is to move each individual on a continuum, away from illness towards wellness at any given point of time.

Our services have been evaluated, enhanced, and endorsed by some of the most respected in the Wellness, Health Care and Pharmaceutical industry to meet this very need in an affordable and reliable way.

We see around us an explosive growth in the awareness and personal accountability of health and wellness. With rising healthcare costs, out of pocket expenses, and overall complexity of claims management, we are all incrementally taking ownership of adopting healthy habits in nutrition and lifestyle. In this shift there is a compelling need for a holistic partner.

Our commitment to embracing wellness in everyday life with ease makes us an excellent choice for those who make Wellness a priority!

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