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Simple options to feel and function better everyday, located conveniently at Crozer Brinton Lake Medical Plaza

Ayuvia is the preferred choice for individuals who want to combine the best of doctor's treatments with alternative options to live fuller lives free of pain and stress.  Ayuvia helps you make wellness a priority so you can live your life to the fullest. We keep your doctor informed as you feel and function better.

More than 100 Million Americans cope with one or more symptom of stress, pain and weight everyday. The three problems are often tied to each other. 
 At Ayuvia, instead of fighting symptoms, our holistic practitioners find the root of the problem to restore your health  and empower you to make wiser decisions. We bring to one place the best of all medical worlds so you can pave your  own path to wellness and vitality.

Our services have been evaluated, enhanced and endorsed by some of the most respected professionals in the wellness, health care and pharmaceutical industry. 

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You’ll find that we take a refreshing three-step approach that works very efficiently at getting you back to health and  vitality. 

Step (1)  

Complete a comprehensive assessment with the help of your current healthcare providers to determine what has and has not worked
Step (2)  
Create a personalized plan — with the right mix of therapies and counseling — based on your preferences, schedule and budget
Step (3)  

Track and measure progress and adjust the plan to improve health outcomes and keep your doctor in the loop if you need to
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* Insurance reimbursement rates varies based on plans, wellness need and services provided
* Referrals are not mandatory
* Appointments based upon availability

AYUVIA is a place where the will to change is rewarded with wellness. By exploring you enhance your quality of living. You pave the path. You discover new ways to define well being. You leave feeling better than you did when you checked in. With access to all the things that you have wanted to try, you develop priorities you never had. You begin to value health, not by the past,  but how you feel. This is when you heal.

The stress of our every day lives takes a toll on the body. Food that’s fast and  convenient, pressure of work,  late nights, disruptive sleep, caffeine and sugar addiction, and high stress levels every day would wear out anyone. Add to that a compromised immune system, struggles with your hormones, or chronic pain and It becomes significantly overwhelming.

We are all too familiar with the journey of trying to find help. Driving pillar to post, trying one thing after another, not sure what works and what doesn’t. But who has the time to keep searching? How do you even know if everything you are trying works well together?

When  would you know if you found the right help that you have been looking for?

-Are your problems being looked at as whole?
-Is the help there as and when you need it?
-Are your health providers talking to each other to make sure all is working?
-Do you feel better when you leave after an appointment?

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