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About Ayuvia

We are the leading provider of community focused Integrative Wellness. Our first center is located in Brinton Lake, PA at the Crozer Keystone Medical Plaza.

In a fragmented and compartmentalized Health Care space we are the first in-market unifier of all Complementary and Alternative Medicine. We do this while developing and maintaining a robust bridge to conventional care. We are working very closely with the Health Networks and Medical Providers to deliver an integrative solution to the community.  Read More

From the Blog 

Yoga: Fitness, Mindfulness or Therapy?

Yoga is historically an extremely complex and multifaceted term, and its nuances are difficult to understand using the knowledge or methodology of just one discipline. A discipline that places more emphasis on quantitative “rigor” may offer insight into the techniques of yoga--but an approach that emphasizes the philosophical or ethical dimensions of yoga may offer important insights into the human condition. Dialog between approaches can provide an exciting and holistic understanding of how yoga can radically transform identities and lives.